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The Eyes Free Sports Podcast: Ep. 17 - Stretching with Marty Klein of Blind Yoga

August 8, 2020

In Episode 17 of the Eyes Free Sports podcast, host Greg Lindberg is joined by Air Force veteran, author, and yoga enthusiast Marty Klein of Blind Yoga. Klein discussed:

  • His pre-blindness childhood and how he was into playing many sports as a boy
  • Serving in the U.S. Air Force before having to leave the military due to his visual impairment
  • His accomplishments in billiards
  • The work he has done in the counseling field spanning 45 years
  • How he got interested in yoga
  • What inspired him to create the Blind Yoga programs
  • His audio-described yoga programs and how they are designed for blind individuals, as well as how they teach a visually impaired person how to advocate for themselves if they are in a yoga class with mainly sighted participants
  • The physical and mental benefits of doing yoga for anyone, but especially for people with disabilities or other ongoing challenges
  • The books he has written on a variety of blindness topics
  • A documentary film he wrote and directed on wounded and disabled military veterans transitioning back into civilian life and the epidemic of veteran suicide


Visit to learn more about and purchase Klein’s Blind Yoga audio yoga programs.

Check out Klein’s six-minute yoga flow with narration at

Check out the Blind Yoga Facebook page at

Watch his film, Why Can’t We Serve, with captions and audio description by visiting the following link and using the following password: and the password is Marty2. Learn more about the film at

His memoir, Blindsighted: One Man’s Journey from Sight to Insight, is available on BARD. His books can also be found on Amazon.

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