The Eyes Free Sports Podcast

The Eyes Free Sports Podcast - Ep. 9: Taking a Spin with the Blind Stokers Club

April 26, 2020

In Episode 9 of the Eyes Free Sports podcast, Dave White and Jaime Gonzalez of the Blind Stokers Club talk with host Greg Lindberg about:

- How the club started from a small event in 2005

- The roles of the sighted captain and blind stoker when riding together on a tandem bike

- The social benefits and enjoyment of tandem cycling

- The club’s annual Cycling For Sight event

- Other events the club has hosted

- Some unique virtual rides the club has done in the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

- How interested riders can connect with a potential tandem partner, whether you are sighted or visually impaired, around the U.S.

Learn more about the Blind Stokers Club in San Diego, CA at