The Eyes Free Sports Podcast

The Eyes Free Sports Podcast: Ep. 36 - Taking a Swing at Blind Golf

April 24, 2021

In Episode 36 of the Eyes Free Sports podcast, we learn about blind golf. Our two guests, Greg Hooper and Ty Thompson of the United States Blind Golf Association (USBGA), spoke about:

  • Their personal lives, careers, and their unique visual impairments
  • A history of the USBGA and its connection to the International Blind Golf Association (IBGA)
  • The adaptations of golf for the blind and visually impaired
  • The relationship between the blind golfer and his or her coach
  • How a golf course is identified for a blind golf tournament
  • How the two have helped get visually impaired kids into playing golf
  • The benefits of playing this great sport and the family atmosphere of the USBGA


Learn more about blind golf and the USBGA at Follow the USBGA on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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