The Eyes Free Sports Podcast

The Eyes Free Sports Podcast: Ep. 16 - Taking a Leap with Superstar Athlete Lex Gillette

July 25, 2020

In Episode 16 of the Eyes Free Sports podcast, we caught up with Lex Gillette, one of the top blind track and field athletes in the world and multiple-time beep baseball champion. Gillette discussed:

  • How he suddenly lost his vision at age eight
  • Attending mainstream schools and then East Carolina University for college
  • His successful beep baseball career playing with the West Coast Dawgs
  • How he got into track and field
  • What adaptations a blind long jumper uses to succeed in this sport and the relationship with his track and field guide
  • What life is like at the Paralympic Games both while competing and in the Olympic Village
  • Tandem biking with the Blind Stokers Club
  • One blind sport he’d really like to try but never has
  • How he has dealt with the Paralympic Games being postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • His new book, FLY: Find Your Own Wings and Soar Above Life’s Challenges
  • How he made a connection with Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey
  • His unique Air Jordan video series on Twitter in which he has raised awareness about how a blind person handles daily tasks

Check out his website where you can also purchase his book at

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